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The bail bonds process is full of laws, practices, and requirements that can become overpowering for anyone. If you, a friend or loved one ends up needing bail, finding an approved bondsman in Chaffee County, Colorado, is important toward securing the release of friend or family member. At Chaffee County Bail Bonds we are committed to assisting our clients in navigating the legal system in a stress-free and welcoming environment.

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Finish the bail bond application from your smartphone, tablet, or computer, in around 10 minutes instead of having to struggle with paperwork at the jail.

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Jail Fees: Usually jail fees in Chaffee County are $40

Paperwork/Fingerprints: All paperwork and fingerprints must be finished prior to the defendant’s release. We at Chaffee County Bail Bonds will help you with this process. 

Release Time: Once everything is done, typical release times in Chaffee County are 1-6 hours. 


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Chaffee County Bail Bonds is the best place to get help! We’re dedicated to assisting people like you through tough situations.

Our first priority is getting your loved one home soon and without hassle. One of our payment plans will help make things as simple and painless as possible. We also offer both cash and surety bond options.
If you need to find a reliable bail bondsman for the first time, you will probably find all of this confusing and stressful. You’re not alone. We at Chaffee County Bail Bonds want to help you feel certain about your choice of a bail bondsman.

Understanding Bail Bonds And what you need to know

The first step in finding a trustworthy bail bondsman is understanding how bail works.

While some people have to remain in jail until their court date, others are released on bail. Bail is a payment—usually either in cash or property—that allows the accused to be released until his or her trial date. During the defendant’s arraignment, factors such as the type of crime committed and the criminal history of the defendant are a factor in determining the bail amount.
When bail is paid, the accused agrees to appear in court at the correct date and time. As long as the accused honors their agreement, most of the bail money will be returned. However, if the defendant fails to appear on the designated court date, the courts will keep the money.

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Not everybody can afford to pay their bail.

While family members or friends may be able to pay bail in some cases, this isn’t an option for everyone. That’s why there are bail bondsmen. A bail bondsman can cover the bail when you, your family, or your friends can’t. Usually, bail bondsmen charge a 10% fee for their services. The defendant and/or family members will pay the bail bondsman back according to an agreed-to payment plan.
When bail is paid, the defendant (the person being released on bail) agrees to appear for his or her court date. As long as the defendant fulfills this obligation, there won’t be any issues. However, if the defendant fails to appear in court, there are serious consequences. The bail bondsman is allowed to track down the defendant and sue them for the bail money. Also, the police may search for the defendant who may get additional charges and fees.

Do you need a bail bondsman? Go ahead and give Chaffee County Bail Bonds a call today! We’re your best option for assistance in Chaffee County, Colorado.

Online Bail Bonds

Having to do paperwork when you’re worried is obnoxious. We offer a  fast, accessible, and secure online bail bonds application system.

Steer clear of having to fill out forms at the jail and complete everything from wherever you are in around 10 minutes using any device.

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What you need to know about the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Department

People arrested in Chaffee County will likely be booked at the Chaffee County Jail.  Our licensed bail bond agents are minutes away, 24-7 ready to post bail and get you or a loved one home asap. 

Chaffee County Sheriff’s Department

Chaffee County Jail

How Bail Bonds Work In Chaffee County

A defendant must be fully booked and fingerprints must be cleared, which can take several hours, before a bond can be accepted. Typically a bond will take approximately 3-6 hours. As most bonds need to be submitted before 9:00 pm, we advise posting the bond as early as possible to allow enough time for the whole process.

Important Links

Important Phone Numbers

Non-Emergency Help 719-539-2596
Crime Stoppers Anonymous Tips 719-539-5299


Cash Bail – The bail is paid in cash, which will be held until the defendant’s court appearance.

Surety Bond – A bail agent (backed by a surety company) will pay the total bail amount if the defendant does not appear in court.

Release on Citation (Cite Out) – The arresting officer gives the offender a citation informing them to appear in court on their court date.

Release on Personal (Own) Recognizance (P.R.) – The defendant is released without payment until the court date.

Property Bond – When a defendant posts property and/or insurance to the court instead of money. If the defendant fails to appear for their hearing the property may be foreclosed on.​

Some Types Of Bonds We Service:

Criminal Bail Bonds

Though uncommon, an office can acquire an arrest warrant if they supply information about the accused that establishes probable cause

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Felony Bail Bonds

In the US, the contrast between felony and misdemeanor has to do with the duration of punishment. A crime that is penalized by more than one year is a felony; less than one year is a misdemeanor.

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Traffic Bail Bonds

Courts can issue warrants for unpaid traffic citations; these are the most common type of arrest warrant. If you forget about your tickets you could find yourself behind bars.

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Domestic Violence Bail Bonds

Domestic violence can mean any offense perpetrated as a way to pressure, control, menace, punish, or get revenge. A roommate breaking something you own as an act of retribution can be domestic violence.

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Domestic Violence Bail Bonds

People who know that they have a warrant can be proactive. They can set up a bail bond before actually being arrested. Once the bond is approved they can turn themselves in knowing they will be released without spending time in jail or having to risk being arrested in embarrassing circumstances.

DUI Bail Bonds

There are three types of impaired driving in Colorado:

DUI: “Driving under the influence.” This can mean alcohol, drugs or a combination of both.
DWAI: “Driving while ability impaired.” This can also mean drugs, alcohol or a combination of both.
DUI per se: Driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08% or more.

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Drug paraphernalia Bail Bonds

“Drug paraphernalia”:

any articles created or modified for making, using, or hiding drugs, usually for recreational uses.

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Misdemeanor Bail Bonds

Misdemeanors are relatively lesser offenses and infrequently result in jail time. 

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